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This tournament is a high level mixed international volleyball tournament for students and non-students over the course of 2 days. For one whole weekend Erasmus Volley will organise matches, parties and other fun activities for in between.


From the 5th till the 7th of April 2024, Rotterdam will be an inspiration for Art. The International Tournament Committee is here to organize the 40th Tournament! And to celebrate that we invite you to come and join us for an amazing weekend.

The weekend promises lots of volleyball, parties and amazing food and games. Do you want to show your inner picasso or your amazing volleyball skills, join us now!

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Sorry if you weren't able to sign up in time! We hope to see you next year in Rotterdam!

Schedule of the weekend

We will be there from 18:00h to welcome you! If you arrive before that time there is a possibility of storing your luggage in the lockers of the building. Since the party starts at 21:00 there is plenty of time to go explore our amazing city of Rotterdam! Take a walk along the Maas, drink a beer in our favorite pub 'Pardoen' in de Oude Haven or have dinner at the Markthal. We do not provide dinner on Friday. At 21:00 the party starts! Buy your coins and get a beer with it :), you can only use the coins to get drinks.

Saturday the matches start after breakfast. A warm lunch will be served and in the evening we will have dinner. After dinner, the themed party will start right after and you can show off your beautiful costumes and amazing dance skills.

Sunday you will be placed into new pools based on your performance of Saturday. After the finals, there will be an ending ceremony where the winners will receive their prize and a group picture will be taken all together. After that, around 16:30 it is time to say goodbye to all your new friends and go home again. You can use the 9292 app again to plan your way back to the train station or airport.

5 April
Evening Arrival and the kick-off of the tournament: welcome party
6 April
Morning Start of the volleyball competition
Afternoon Second round of matches
Evening Dinner & big theme party
7 April
Morning Competition continues with a redraw based on quality of the teams
Afternoon Grand Finale and closing ceremony

Event FAQs

The fee will be at most € 78 per person, this covers meals (breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday and a restaurant dinner on Saturday), accommodation and a welcoming/kick-off party on Friday and theme party on Saturday. We'll also give you a goodie bag with cool stuff inside and a printed t-shirt of the event.

6 persons
€ 468
7 persons
€ 546
8 persons
€ 624
9 persons
€ 702
10 persons
€ 780
11 persons
€ 858
12 persons
€ 936

The university is located near metro station Kralingse Zoom on the A B C line.

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Travelling from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Take the high speed train to Rotterdam Central Station (26 minutes from Schiphol) or the regular Intercity to Rotterdam Blaak (50 minutes).

Plan journey with NS (Dutch Railways)

Note: Rotterdam Blaak is located on the A B C line.

Travelling from Rotterdam Central Station
  1. Take the metro to station Beurs on the D E line
  2. Take the metro to station Kralingse Zoom on the A B C line

Travelling from Rotterdam/The Hague Airport
  1. Take bus 33 to metro station Meijersplein
  2. Take the metro to station Beurs on the E line
  3. Take the metro to station Kralingse Zoom on the A B C line

Travelling by car
  • Park on Campus (paid, €5,00)

We do not take responsibility for inaccurate information.

  • ID-card, Passport, insurance card, debit card
  • Sports clothes (shoes, shirts, kneepads, etc.)
  • Regular clothes
  • Hygiene products
  • Costume for the theme party on Saturday
  • Pillow, blanket/sleeping bag, bed sheet
  • Towel(s)
  • Other stuff that may be useful: Powerbank, hairdryer, happy mood and energy!

To have a nice tournament for everyone there are some rules to obey.

  • The committee will deny participants who are under 18 access to the tournament.
  • Listen to the organisation members. You can recognize them by the colourful t-shirts or hoodies. If you do not find an organisation member, feel free to go up to one of our volunteers in the yellow t-shirts, who are always ready to help out! You can also go to them with questions.
  • Please clean up if you make a mess and keep the sports halls tidy.
  • Bringing your own alcohol is NOT allowed and we have a zero tolerance drugs policy.
  • We are not responsible for loss and damage to your belongings.
  • Last but not least, be kind to each other, and together we will make it a MEMORABLE tournament.

We want to make this weekend as enjoyable as possible for everyone who participates. That’s why it is important that we set some ground rules.

  • Each team must have at least 5 people in the field, including at least 3 ladies at all times.
  • Except for the final, all matches are based on time.
  • The rally point system will be used in all matches of the tournament. A serve that touches (the top of) the net is correct.
  • The away team has the first service.
  • Beginning and ending of the match is announced centrally.
  • When you hear the sign to end the set, you can finish the rally you are playing at that moment. Afterwards, the match is finished.
  • In case of a tie during the finals, you will play until there is a difference of 2 points or a team reaches 30 points (or 20 in the third set).
  • Each match starts with a 0-0 score and does not end at 25 points because the match will be played on time.
  • If a team is more than 5 minutes late for a match, that team loses the match by 25-0.
  • 1 time-out is allowed per match per team, during the final 2 time-outs are allowed per set per team.
  • The final consists of normal sets up to 25 points (with the Rally Point System and a 2-point difference) and best of three sets. In the third set, 15 points must be scored.
  • With the exception of the rules above, standard FIVB rules apply.
  • Decisions of the referees and the committee cannot be contested. The referee will not allow rude play.
  • In case of doubt not captured by the rules above, the Committee makes a final decision.
  • Every team receives a ball which must be given back at the end of the tournament. You are responsible to hold onto your own ball. When we do not receive your ball back at the end of the tournament, you will have to pay €60 as a compensation for the costs of our ball.

For those who sleep at Erasmus Sport, breakfast will be provided. We also provide a sleeping mat and a chair to lay out your stuff. Please note that you have to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow if you don’t want to be cold at night 😉. Also we kindly ask you to clean up your mess every morning, since you play where you sleep. During the tournament you can leave your stuff at the tribune. For those who don’t sleep at Campus, you must be in the Sports Center at 9:30 latest, since the matches start by then.


Erasmus University

Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
3062 PA Rotterdam, Netherlands

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